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Unlike messy oils that are hard to pour and don't spread evenly, simply take a small amount of beard balm and rub it in your fingers until the moisturing beads and balm all become liquid, then spread it through your beard. Provides superior protection, conditioning, and an overall sheen to your curly wisps with a pleasant natural scent.

Who knows beards?

We know beards. Long before the current beard trend, way back before the 60's and 70's, and long before the 20th or 19th century for that matter...beards have been an integral part of Amish culture. The care for these beards have been passed through generations of men. Honest Amish Beard Products only uses premium organic ingredients, wild harvested botanicals, essential oils, and organic fruit and nut butters aimed towards the care of your beard. These original recipes were created centuries ago to help maintain, care, and control growing beards while protecting and conditioning the hair follicles. A great all natural and organic gift for any man!

There are a lot of beard products and conditioners out there, so we do appreciate your consideration. Some products claim to be the best even though their ingredients are a combination of a one or two oils that you could buy at the local grocery store for a lot less. Our beard balm is formulated to be the best and we feel so strongly about this that we guarantee it. Honest Amish Beard Balm is superior to any beard oil or conditioner that you've ever used or simply return it for a refund.* It's that simple.

We use absolutely NO chemicals, NO man made preservatives, NO fake fragrances, or colorants in any of our products. All oils and butters used are organic and natural infused with over 15 hair enhancing and strengthening wild harvested botanicals. Packaged in a 100 percent recyclable tin that is fully biodegradable, re-usable, and will not leach like a plastic container. Made here in the U.S. by hand for an honest wage.
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Honest Amish Beard Comb

Honest Amish Beard Comb

Our Price: $9.50
Honest Amish Unscented Beard Balm Honest Amish PURE unscented Beard Balm - New

Honest Amish Unscented Beard Balm 2oz

Our Price: $12.87
Honest Amish - Heavy Duty PURE- Fragrance Free - 2 ounce tin - Beard Conditioner

Heavy Duty PURE - Fragrance Free Beard Balm- 2oz

Our Price: $13.87
Honest Amish Bayou Blend Beard Balm

Our Bayou Blend is based off our much coveted classic beard balm.

Our Price: $14.87
Honest Amish Beard Aid Carry Bag (Bag Only)

Empty Beard Aid Kit Bag

Our Price: $19.50
Honest Amish Heavy Duty Beard Balm Large 4 oz Honest Amish - Heavy Duty Beard Balm - 4 OUNCE - Big - Beard Conditioner

Honest Amish Heavy Duty  Beard Balm 4oz.

Our Price: $22.77